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Disclaimer : We have not engaged any third party recruiting companies / online agencies for our recruitment. We always advertise our recruitment through print media, job portals and our websites then conduct walk-in and appoint them directly if they pass out our eligibility criteria.

Board of Directors

Bharat Engineering Construction Company Pvt.Ltd.

Mr.S.S.M.Ahamed Hussain

Mr. S.S.M. Ahamed Hussain is the founder of the organization. He did his Intermediate studies in 1949 at the erstwhile Government Arts College Chennai, now restyled as the Quaid-e-Milleth College for women located at Anna Salai, Chennai. After studies, he was associated with Mr.B.S.Abdur Rahman in Diamonds & Gems Trade. He started his own business at Mumbai and later successfully administered it in Hong Kong.
He was one of the Founders - Promoters of East Coast Constructions and Industries Ltd (ECCI). Later on, he established Alpha Commercials & Groups. He has traveled extensively throughout the world, leading the organization to its present glory.

Mr. S.S.M. Ahamed Hussain


Mr.H.Syed Abdul Kader

Managing Director