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Disclaimer : We have not engaged any third party recruiting companies / online agencies for our recruitment. We always advertise our recruitment through print media, job portals and our websites then conduct walk-in and appoint them directly if they pass out our eligibility criteria.


Welcome to our

Bharat Engineering Construction Company Private Limited.

It was established in May, 2006 as a Registered Company in Chennai, Registered Office, at 6th Floor “Jhaver Plaza”, 1-A Nungambakkam High Road, Chennai – 600 034.

The company is on a fast-track growth path, offers a satisfactory work fulfillment status and ensures updated quality services and practices that deliver higher levels of performance. The company's values are those of Flexibility, Reliability, Expertise and Quality. Through flexibility, the company helps to accommodate the clients' horizons & wishes. Reliably, the company is your partner. The company has the required & proven expertise personnel in all the sectors of its involvement and is very keen in providing a quality service in its true name. The company strongly believes, that "Together we are a team".
What we Do?

BECC offers the following construction services:

Construction works in basic infrastructure projects including water supply, Sewerage and Solid Waste Management etc., in the Environmental Engineering sector.
Construction of Roads, Major/Minor Bridges, Flyovers, Underpasses & Road over bridges on a contract basis, in the Transportation sector.
. Construction of Dams/Check Dams, lining of canals, Formation of Irrigation Canals and sub - surface dyke in the Irrigation Sector.

Construction of Housing complexes, Commercial complexes, Office buildings, Special buildings and Multi-storey apartments in the Housing Sector.
Other Construction works of Special importance like I.T parks, Instrumental Structures etc.